Bespoke British Screw Pile Design & Manufacture

The Foundations of Britain

Screwpile Technology manufactures bespoke screw piles to suit your specific ground conditions and load requirement, right here in the UK.

We are committed to customer service and to ensuring we design and produce the right product for your specific requirement.

In order to build again, Britain needs new foundations, not ones that crack and fail but solid, environmentally friendly, multi use foundations which adapt to ground conditions and load. Screw piles provide that perfect solution and have an incredible range of applications, almost any project which requires solid foundations can benefit from a much faster alternative to traditional, some would say outdated foundation techniques.

Why work with Screwpile Technology?

Save time on your build programme

Screw pile foundations are so much faster than traditional concrete, and are load bearing from the minute they are installed.

Reduced environmental impact

No need for extensive ground works and totally eliminates the need for concrete or high impact transportation.

Bespoke options

Screw Pile Technology will produce your screw piles to meet you exacting needs whatever depth or ground conditions demand.
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Benefits of Working with Screw Piles

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Build a solid foundation

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